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Michael Moore
21:03 06 Oct 22
Bill Mansfield
20:31 04 Oct 22
Jessica Johnston
18:32 04 Oct 22
Allison Caster
15:55 21 Sep 22
Nice quick cleaning 🧼 🧽
Andy Feddes
16:19 19 Sep 22
Between Brittney, Crystal, and Dr. Raz my experience at Stanley lake is always top knotch, I am a HUGE weenie when it comes to mouth pain and these professionals go above and beyond. Thank you for helping my quality of life so much. 6/5 stars.
Brendan Flaherty
02:23 16 Sep 22
LaDean DeuPree
16:25 01 Sep 22
WOW. What a great experience not only are they professional they’re friendly and welcoming. Dr. Moore is fabulous and Melissa is really great. So glad I found them. If you have any doubts about going to the dentist, try these guys and it will actually be something you look forward to.
Kathy Jump
15:41 25 Aug 22
Rob Pray
00:53 25 Aug 22
Always professional and helping me keep my teeth healthy. Pleasant staff and quality care.Edit Aug 2022:They encouraged me to get my discolored tooth bleached internally (dead at 15 from skateboarding, root canal and all back in the day). I finally agreed and the results are incredible. Cleanings and treatment advice are great and all the staff are awesome. I continue to love this dental office. Just go already!
Veronica Nelson
00:54 18 Aug 22
I’ve been going to Stanley for a few years now, my sis and bestie also go here. We’ve all had wonderful experiences, both with practice and their kind employees! We definitely recommend!
Lisa Oakleaf
15:55 17 Aug 22
Always super nice and they take great care
B Camp
18:31 28 Jul 22
I love it here!
Brenden Bilby
22:31 26 Jul 22
The hygienist was awesome and friendly. Always a great experience when I am there.
jan johnson
00:41 21 Jul 22
Ron & Kim Harris
21:17 07 Jul 22
Such a great experience! My hygienist was Connie, she was professional and kind. She did a wonderful job with my cleaning. Everyone in the office and MD were super sweet.
Michael Evans
23:18 06 Jul 22
Joann Garner
18:51 28 Jun 22
Very welcoming. Personable.Explains everything clearly. Has latest technology and I was able to clearly see on scan the areas of concern.I Recommend this dental office
Kellsie Moore
18:33 28 Jun 22
Genuinely the best dental experience I have ever had! Everyone was incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in their work and did a remarkably above and beyond job of making sure we felt taken care of, informed, comfortable and financially aware. We're absolutely going back here and can't recommend them enough!
Linda Kohl
21:18 23 Jun 22
Preston Drane
19:37 16 Jun 22
Everyone in the office is professional and provides great service! Looking forward to going back again soon. Highly recommend.
Caroline Hall
20:26 14 Jun 22
Ilona Martin
15:55 14 Jun 22
I love problem solvers! After an unfavorable review and discontent on my part, both Dr. Moore and the Office Manager Crystal reached out to me. My criticism was taken seriously and a solution offered, that pleased me very much. I stand corrected and will return to Standley Lake Family Dental. Thank you so much.
Christopher Brasino
15:31 14 Jun 22
Fast, easy, affordable. Thanks friends.
Ben Cummings
23:10 09 Jun 22
Everyone was so pleasant!! Connie did an excellent job, was informative and friendly, and I felt extremely comfortable. Looking forward to regular cleanings with them. Highly recommend!
Garrett Wilson
14:37 07 Jun 22
Everyone there was very helpful, thorough, and knowledgeable. No hesitation to go back for more work. Very satisfied with that office.
Max Wakefield
11:46 02 Jun 22
They were very nice, helpful and quick
James Valdez
20:17 17 May 22
Kay Soderberg
14:51 13 May 22
Waco Lopez
00:54 11 May 22
Bernadette Martinez
19:19 27 Apr 22
I have been going to this office for less than a year. Each and every person is kind and helpful. I will continue to visit as wellas tell my friends and family.
Jolie Tobin
18:03 26 Apr 22
ervin jaros
21:17 05 Apr 22
Amanda Weichselbaumer
21:35 21 Mar 22
Lesley Huffman
17:57 21 Mar 22
They are nice, professional, friendly, and I love how they explain everything they do thoroughly. They have great toothpaste choices as well. 🙂
22:56 18 Mar 22
Keleen Lambert
20:33 15 Mar 22
VERY Friendly staff and gentle cleaning. I highly recommend them!
Janina Rivera
17:18 15 Mar 22
This is my second visit here since new management and it's been pretty chill. The people are friendly and pleasant.
Jason Larkin
23:28 07 Mar 22
Bruce Burckley
16:12 02 Mar 22
Dr. Moore and her staff are the best.
07:02 24 Feb 22
As someone who moved to Colorado from another state, it’s very easy to go to the wrong dentist that have hidden fees and oversights. I experienced this quite a few times before finding Standley!At Standley Dental, I’ve never met a set of such kind and caring individuals. They never shame you if your teeth aren’t great, they don’t overcharge, they just simply care about you.The doctor is fantastic and fully knowledgeable. I trust her and her opinions, and I know she makes the best decisions for me!—This office has left me in the least amount of pain compared to any other office, thanks to the kindness of Melissa and her unparalleled skills making my teeth bright and shiny!Melissa and Brittany as a duo make me actually want to smile after leaving the office which I’ve never experienced before! They are both hilarious, friendly, and are so very good at what they do.This is an establishment that is fully equipped with up to date technology, modern knowledge, transparency, and compassion.I drive an hour to go to Standley Lake, because it’s WORTH it!See for yourself. 🙂
Deborah Whiters
23:23 18 Feb 22
Shannon Conklin
23:17 16 Feb 22
Frank Clements
19:06 04 Feb 22
Marissa did a Wonderful job. Great Experience Thanks
Amy Smith
17:30 04 Feb 22
Friendly staff, quick, painless 😊
Sara Mc Bride
03:00 12 Jan 22
Brett Major
21:52 11 Jan 22
Jon Fritzler
17:01 10 Jan 22
Maureen Obrien
17:36 06 Jan 22
The staff is always wonderful. The are very caring, professional and knowledgeable. Can’t go wrong with this team!
John Crawford
21:29 21 Dec 21
Great staff, very friendly and remember you. Dr Moore is very knowledgeable and is very particular on her work. She did my Invisalign and the trays came out great
Randy Penn
19:01 20 Dec 21
Caring staff, thoughtful conversation & instructions.
Faleta Delaney
22:37 17 Dec 21
Robert Donald
22:35 15 Dec 21
I had a deep cleaning. I have had this done at another Dentist and it was very painful. When I had the same procedure done here they made sure it was as painless as possible.
Sharon DeVito
20:24 09 Dec 21
Enjoyed my visit with Melissa the dental hygienist and Dr. More. Excellent explanation of my teeth!
erinmarie elari
00:50 08 Dec 21
I’ve worked in the Dental industry for many years before having my children and growing up having a horrible dentist as a child I’m extremely picky on whom I have work in my mouth.I’ve always had a great experience at Sage the staff, Dr are always friendly, experience and listens to my needs plus they make certain to keep me in line😉 I’d recommend Sage Dental to others and I have.
Allison S
15:00 02 Dec 21
Ariel Toledano
18:58 24 Nov 21
Amazing staff, thorough cleaning. Will definitely come back.
Tonney Dunbar
01:24 23 Nov 21
Jeffrey Rasmussen
23:27 04 Nov 21
This office rocks!!! 💯💯🔥🔥🔥
John Mcdonnell
14:36 04 Nov 21
John Leinweber
11:34 04 Nov 21
William Hall
00:48 04 Nov 21
Michael Rodriguez
00:11 04 Nov 21
sydnee plessinger
21:01 03 Nov 21
Paul Johnson
19:27 03 Nov 21
Renee' Adams
17:12 03 Nov 21
Michael John
23:28 29 Oct 21
Excellent service
Deborah Hall
20:39 29 Oct 21
Love this dentist and her whole staff. Called this morning with a problem and we were in the office seeing her within 2 hours.She has helped our family with several dental issues and each time it is a pleasure to work with her whole team.Thank you Dr. Moore.
Robin Riley
18:09 29 Oct 21
Mark Weidemann
00:42 29 Oct 21
Scott Star (ESP)
22:06 27 Oct 21
Nobody loves going to the dentist. So when you have to go, go to the best! Dr. Moore and the staff at Standley Lake Family Dental aka Sage Dental are the best!
Gary Mcgaughey
21:34 27 Oct 21
Great dental practice everyone very professional.
Sofia Goshea
21:38 19 Oct 21
Averi Carrado
21:21 07 Sep 21
Melissa was amazing. So sweet and very gentle.
Madison Jackson
21:19 07 Sep 21
Jake DeHerrera
21:18 11 Aug 21
Very professional and friendly!
Katie Zio
20:11 13 Jul 21
Exceptionally kind and helpful staff. I recommend Sage to everyone.
Krysti Trapp
14:38 06 Jul 21
They are always so pleasant and kind at Dr Moore’s office! Makes going to the dentist a nice experience!
Tom Churches
20:46 20 May 21
Christine McNamara
13:39 19 May 21
I’m always incredibly happy with Dr.Moore and her team’s work! They’re exceptionally caring & communicative and the work they’ve done on my teeth has been excellent.
Jeff Crawford
22:00 12 May 21
They got me in same day while have sudden and significant pain. They where able to identify the problem and got me scheduled next day with a partner to resolve the issue.
Sidney Sharp
15:54 03 May 21
Melissa was great. $59 for my intro visit. Awesome.
Vincenza Martines
21:01 07 Apr 21
Carlos Gorman
17:45 31 Mar 21
Great customer service Nd good attitude
Melissa Nilsen
20:09 30 Mar 21
Friendly staff. They explain what is going on clearly. They are taking appropriate precautions to keep everyone safe. I would recommend the Arvada office for quality dental care!
Crystal Caveny
19:17 24 Mar 21
Kevin White
20:09 23 Mar 21
Danny San Filippo
14:13 18 Mar 21
Kirsten Aarestad
05:18 12 Mar 21
Christie Callahan Hale
00:08 12 Mar 21
Great dental office in Arvada
Cara Rafferty
18:00 10 Mar 21
Every person I interacted with was very kind and knowledgeable. I have had anxiety about going to the dentist for years and they were very understanding and had lots of options and techniques to help me feel more comfortable. .I highly recommend them!
David Otto Mandolin
00:17 10 Mar 21
Everyone here was so kind and helpful! I was nervous because it had been a while since I had a dental cleaning, but Melissa really put me at ease and took such good care of me. Thank you very much!
Tammy Fagan
19:25 03 Mar 21
The front desk operation was flawless and friendly! Jen the hygienist did a wonderful job and was thoughtful, kind, and mindful of any need I might have. Dr. Moore was very kind, thorough, and informative and I felt very comfortable with both her and Jen. I very much enjoyed being at Sage Dental practice, and it’s great to be able to say that. And I felt safe!! They do an excellent job with the Covid prevention protocol. I’m very thankful.
Michela Madrid
16:40 03 Mar 21
Hygienist had a very gentle touch, everyone was kind and welcoming- and I felt 100% comfortable with what they diagnosed. Highly recommend!
Colleen Johnson
01:00 25 Feb 21
I love the care I receive at Sage Dental Care. Very caring, relaxing, and professional.
Stephanie Sagee
19:31 24 Feb 21
Very friendly and informative! Not pushy and super honest! Loved my experience
Lori Barnabe
19:53 22 Feb 21
I had a very good experience with thus great team of professionals. They took great care if me!
Bethany Wamboldt
15:35 22 Feb 21
Today was my first time at Sage Arvada and it felt like I’ve been there for years! Staff was friendly and eager to share education on dental hygiene, but not make you feel bad about not flossing ! Would definitely recommend for anyone who hasn’t been to the dentist in a while or has anxiety around dentistry.
Soleil Dylan Kai
21:01 10 Feb 21
I love Sage Dental! I absolutely love Dr Moore. Everyone @ Sage is beautiful, upbeat, kindhearted & professional. I have had nothing but the best experiences. I just had my Invisilign placed & some cavities filled & they did such a great job, very thorough, & perfect. I love how sweet & kind everyone is, personable, caring, engaging. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.
Laura Stoltenberg
15:37 09 Feb 21
NoCo Silver
16:51 08 Feb 21
Highly recommended!
Morgan Stangle
00:35 04 Feb 21
The most comfortable dentist office I’ve ever been to. Laughs and smiles all around (masked up of course). I finally don’t dread going to the dentist. They’re not going to sell you on things you don’t need and they explain the background of any procedures when they are needed. I drive over 40 minutes to go to this office and have no problem with it because I know I can trust them.
dave wilson
16:33 03 Feb 21
Shara Johnson
01:10 03 Feb 21
Carl Fugler
01:10 28 Jan 21
Sage Dental Care Arvada is a very well organized and highly competent dental practice. Our family has been going there for 25 years. We have always been well cared for. We have recommended Sage to friends and neighbors. Sage Dental Care is 5 Star.
Ian Nay
16:34 27 Jan 21
Friendly staff that make you feel welcome, and they provide high quality services! Jenn and Dr. Moore are excellent.
Daniella Johnston
23:13 25 Jan 21
Dr. Moore is incredible! She goes above and beyond for her patients and has great bedside manor. I went in for a filling but was having tooth pain, not related to my appointment, and she took x-rays and treated the tooth right away. I highly recommend seeing this office
Mayra Albertson
16:08 21 Jan 21
During these hard times, one can feel anxious about having even a routine cleaning done. Although the hygienist and doctor that I had were so attentive and safe I had a great experience. It was just my first visit but I’m planning to return!
Marvine Rodriguez
22:32 19 Jan 21
Madison Vanata
19:28 17 Jan 21
A great place with an awesome staff and doctor. The cleaning was very thorough and comfortable. The doctor was honest and conservative on care which I really appreciate. I’ve been trying to find a good dentist for a while and I’m so glad I found them. Definitely will be using them in the future!
Josh Savelkoul
01:41 15 Jan 21
nate hubbard
16:35 14 Jan 21
D'Arlynn McBartlett
20:56 13 Jan 21
Matthew Lopez
23:37 07 Jan 21
XIAN dmg
20:13 29 Dec 20
A brilliant office full of brilliant people. From start to finish everyone is so helpful and kind. They have a fantastic atmosphere to walk into and every staff member is extremely considerate of your experience and really listen to what you want out of your visit and treatment. They are very transparent and dedicated to what they do. Highly recommend going! Shout out to Brittney- you rock!
Ellen Osborne
17:52 17 Dec 20
Everyone is so nice! They listen to your concerns and make sure your concerns are addressed and treat you with respect, definitely the best dentist I’ve been to!
Susannah francis
03:59 17 Dec 20
They went above and beyond. Great service, great communication and great attention to detail!! We were lucky to have found them.
Brent Nilsen
21:01 16 Dec 20
Almost everyone dreads going to the Dentist. This is not the case for myself and my family. Dr. Moore and her staff are amazing. The level of craftsmanship and the positivity from all of the staff at Sage Dental far surpasses all others. Truly the best I have encountered in decades.
jonathan ruff
01:55 16 Dec 20
Spider Hacksaw
21:05 11 Dec 20
Love this place! Dentist and all assistants are top notch professionals and good people. I definitely recommend Sage Dental to anyone looking for a viable and quality place for dental care.
Bob Martines
19:25 08 Dec 20
Always so helpful. Been in colorado for 10 years, finally found the Dentist I can be happy with! Great staff, very professional! Thanks!
S'vea Smith
16:42 08 Dec 20
Matt Slayter
22:14 03 Dec 20
The staff are always personable and knowledgeable, and I am always please with the skillful and efficient care. Thanks, Sage!
Doroteo Deleon
15:57 03 Dec 20
I went to Sage Dental worried and very nervous because I had a lot of dental challenges. " It's been more then a few years" The staff at Sage Dental made me comfortable through positive conversation, always being friendly ,professional and informative. I am grateful for what they did for me, I now have hope I can keep me teeth healthy. I recommend Sage Dental.
Aaron Almodovar
23:39 02 Dec 20
Awsome office the ladies are great wouldn't wanna go anywhere else.
Paula Ray
17:15 02 Dec 20
Chloe Burroughs
02:20 02 Dec 20
I've been going to Sage in Arvada for over a year now and have had many procedures done. I couldn't speak higher of the value of this place. Everyone on the team is a huge asset to the -best dentist office anyone will ever visit-. Dr. Moore is a badass, she truly cares about making her patients feel comfortable and leave with such incredible quality work. Shes so knowledgeable, but welcoming. And her work is absolutely stunning every single time. Brittney and Audrey and all of the hygienists are incredible. Kat at the front desk is so thorough and helpful. The whole team seriously rocks, their prices are great, and their quality is unmatched. Ive looked long and far for the perfect dentist and I cant shout loud enough that Sage is it!
Casey P
07:43 01 Dec 20
My son is confident, comfortable, and, dare I say, excited when he hears that he is going to the dentist. Top notch doctor/tech-patient chemistry and all around clinic atmosphere. I cannot recommend Sage enough; ESPECIALLY if it's for a little one. Front desk lady could be nicer and less snobby, but it doesn't affect the kids or the health of your mouth so take it with a grain of salt.
Benjamin Cornell
17:48 25 Nov 20
Robert Sturges
16:33 14 Nov 20
Fantastic staff-everyone was super pleasant and professional
Alyssa Berendt
18:03 13 Nov 20
First time patient and I was treated very well!
Gloria Wagner
23:43 12 Nov 20
Aaron Robillard
21:42 12 Nov 20
Eric Enriquez
18:02 12 Nov 20
The crew here was awesome! They made me feel relaxed and were very thorough in explaining everything they were doing. They also made it easy for me to understand what they were talking about.
Monica Root
23:25 10 Nov 20
Faith Sanchez
18:01 05 Nov 20
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